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New Jersey Youth Soccer Registration for HVSA
In order to play in MNJYSA and any other league affiliated with New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) all teams must possess NJYS official player passes, coach passes, and team roster. As the old saying goes, “No Pass, No Play”. These official documents must be renewed each seasonal year. There are several stages in this process, popularly referred to as “carding”. I have been managing this as your club administrator and DC. There are several stages in this process:
  • Input of your basic team, player and coach information to GotSoccer, the online system we use for printing the all-important NJYS player and coach passes and official roster.
  • Compilation of the paperwork you need to submit to me, as your NJYSA District Commissioner (DC), to register for the NJYS 2013-4 seasonal year.
  • Based on this paperwork, my validation of your passes and team roster.
The following document describes this process in more detail. This should not be confused with MNJYSA registration: the two processes are quite separate.
Steve Highcock/HVSA League Contact/DC #9/VP Region E MNJYSA

cell: 609-658-4898: home 609-737-3446
I. GotSoccer

Based on your team information as described below, I create accounts in GotSoccer for our new teams, and then enter the information to create a team profile. For existing teams, I update the profiles as necessary, adding and removing player/coach data. This takes place in late July-early August.

On completion of this task, I will ask you to upload player digital player/coach photographs to each player/coach profile. I’ll provide instructions on how to do this, with your passwords to access your team account. 

Next I’ll “freeze” each team’s roster, which in turn assigns NJ player ID numbers to each player for the current year. Coaches retain the same ID year-on-year.  At this point, I’ll print the passes and roster. If all the passes have imprinted digital photos, I’ll retain them pending receipt of your paperwork. I will ask you to pick up any passes without photographs. You’ll attach photographs, and return these passes with your paperwork. This all takes place from mid-August to the beginning of September.

Pass and Roster Information for GotSoccer: For my GotSoccer input, please e-mail me a spreadsheet by July 30th, with the following data:
  • Players: full first and last name, and dob
  • Coaches and assistant coaches: full first and last name, street address, preferred telephone no., and e-mail address.
  • Team Manager: same as coach
  • Sage Rep (not needed for GotSoccer but required for MNJYSA):  first & last name, e-mail address, preferred phone no.
I need this information at your earliest convenience, so that I can have the passes and roster ready by or before your paperwork is complete.
II. Paperwork

It’s a good idea to get the various forms and documents together before everyone disappears in August.  I need them at least two weeks before your first game. If you are playing in a Labor Day tournament (8/30-9/1), this means August 16 in 2013, and for the beginning of the season (9/15), September 1.

I’ve provided hyperlinks to the documents where necessary.

Passes and Roster:  as described above, I print these via GotSoccer. On the photographs for the passes: these should be recent, whether digital or glossy.   Digital photographs should be 500 MB or less. Having digital photographs makes it so much easier to replace missing passes, which happens surprisingly often!

A printed photo should be no more than 1 ¼ inches square, attached (glued) to the top left of white portion of pass on the reverse side. Glossy photos preferred.

After I have checked your paperwork, and any errors have been corrected, I stamp the passes and roster with my official NJYS DC stamp, the date, and my signature. When I return them to you, it’s advisable to laminate the passes to protect them from wear and tear. Before you do this, make sure all three of my stamps are on each pass! I check carefully, but I have been known to miss a few.

Minimum and Maximum Roster Sizes
Minimum Size: the minimum size for a small sided team (U8-U12) is 8 players, and for a full-sided team (U11-U19) 11 players. I can’t card a team with less than the minimum number of players. While I will card a team with the minimum number of players, I recommend that teams roster at least 2 players more than the minimum.
Maximum Size: 14 players for small-sided U8-U12 teams, 18 players for full-sided U11-U12 teams, and 22 players for U13-19 teams.  Note that only 18 players can actually play on game day if there are more than 18 players on the roster. 
Out-of-State Player Pass:  As DC, I need a validated pass issued by the home state (usually Eastern Pennsylvania YS). The HVSA team name should be on the pass. The pass must be accompanied by a form with an official signature giving the player permission to play out-of state. I will enter the out-of-state ID number on the roster using GotSoccer: the player does not have an NJYS ID# or pass. The out-of state player does not need a membership form, as they are not registering but only rostering in NJYS, but I do need to see the medical release, birth certificate and SAGE form (see below).
If you are registering an out-of-state player, please let me know
Player membership form (attached to accompanying e-mail):  I’ve filled out the league name and number (09) and our club name and number (9108), and the first 6 characters of the player pass number (NJ9108).  Note that the NJ player ID no longer includes the two-digit year. Example: NJ910800101, where 9108 is our club #, 001 is team # and 01 is player. We won’t know the rest of the pass number (the team # and player ID #) until we complete the GotSoccer process (“freezing the roster”) in August.

Volunteer Coach Membership Form (attached to accompanying e-mail):  I’ve filled this out as much as possible.

Non-Volunteer (NV) Coach:  If your team has a professional coach, they will obtain their pass direct from the NJYS office, not through me. They must renew their pass every year, and be added to the NJYS database before I can add them to your roster using GotSoccer All the paperwork  I need for an NV coach is a copy of the front and back of their pass and a SAGE form (see below).

Medical Release Form: if you are registering a player for the first time, you must fill out one of these forms. The latest form does not need to be notarized. You can use releases from earlier years, provided no major change (like a change in address, family physician, or insurance provider) has occurred.

Birth Certificate for players only: a legible copy. The main passport page is also acceptable

Coach’s F or other NJYS-issued C, D E license: a copy.

MNJYSA Set a Good Example (SAGE) Forms: new good sportsmanship pledge forms were introduced in August 2013. The player-parent SAGE form  should be read and signed by parent(s) and player.  Coaches and assistant coaches should complete the SAGE pledge for coaches. NV coaches/trainers need to sign too. Not needed for CJYSA, SJGSL, and other leagues.

Kidsafe Disclosure Form:  for each coach and team manager. I will subsequently send these to our club administrator. “Travel” should be written on the form. I cannot approve a coach pass without this form.

Additional HVSA Volunteer Compliance Requirements

The HVSA website has detailed instructions on these requirements for volunteers. Please read them carefully. HVSA has established two requirements for coaches, and both must be met before I can approve a coach pass. I have a list of coaches and managers who have completed one or more of the requirements.
  • Concussion Injury Prevention and Management Certificate: since NJYS requires coaches to have the certificate with them when they are coaching, I do need to see a copy of the certificate of completion of this online course. Make sure the name of the coach is on the form!
  • NJ State Police Background Check: All coaches must have this check performed. I have a list of those who have still-current background checks. All other coaches should arrange to have the check as soon as possible.  Managers are also required to have a background check, but I don’t need evidence of this for approval of the passes.
Submitting the Documentation:  please arrange all the documents, including the passes if any, in alphabetical order of player’s last name, with each document type in a separate pile. The roster is in the same alphabetical order. Don’t clip the pass and documents for each player together, as this will slow down my review.  It will help if you separate the passes at the perforations. I don’t need the blue (player/coach) portion of each pass. You can send or drop off the paperwork any day of the week. Make sure the package is secure, either in an envelope or robust file folder.

For drop-off, my address is 19 East Curlis Avenue, Pennington, NJ 08534, 5th on the left from South Main Street, with a rail fence and flower gardens in front. There are in/out boxes for the paperwork on my front porch.

Please e-mail me beforehand so I know what to expect, and let me know the date when the passes and roster are needed, either by e-mail or in a note attached to the package.

Document Retention: I will return all documentation to you in good time with the approved passes and roster. I’ll e-mail you when everything is ready for pickup, or if there are any problems. I keep a file of the membership forms and copies of the NJYS roster for the entire seasonal year. Teams should keep the birth certificates, medical releases, coach licenses, and SAGE forms, with their NJYS passes and roster, as their official documentation.

STH rev. 7/15/13