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    Tournament Rules & Regulations
  1. Tournament play is governed by FIFA laws or current USSF interpretations, except where inconsistent with these rules in which event these rules govern.
  2. Only players carded by USSF may participate. Inspection of player passes will take place at the time of registration. At the tournament committee’s discretion, player passes and rosters may also be inspected before any game at the field of play. Coaches must ensure that players report to the field at least 15 minutes prior to start time of each game for possible inspection of rosters and player passes. Players’ and coaches’ passes will be collected by the referee prior to each game and returned after the game. Maximum of 18 players per team for full-sided divisions and 14 players for short-sided divisions. U10 and younger teams may not play up under any circumstances.  
  3. No select teams. Maximum of 5 guest or secondary carded players for full-sided teams. Maximum of 5 guest or secondary carded players for short-sided teams. All players on a team must be carded with the same team number except for the guest/secondary players.
  4. Duration of Games and Ball Size:  
    Divisions Ball Size Length of Halves
    U17/18/19 5 30 minutes
    U15/16 5 30 minutes
    U14 5 30 minutes
    U13 5 30 minutes
    U12 4 30 minutes
    U11 4 30 minutes
    U10 4 25 minutes
    U9 4 25 minutes
    U8 4 25 minutes


  • Intervals between halves and between all overtime periods shall be 5 minutes. Teams should be prepared to commence their games immediately upon the conclusion of the prior game. Referees are not required to stop the clock for any reason, or to add time to the duration of any match. Should an injury occur, the game clock may continue to run while treatment is being given. If the first half ends during this stoppage, the Referee shall declare the first half over and allow a 5-minute break. The Referee shall then restart the clock, regardless of whether the injured player has been removed. No additional time shall be allowed.
  1. Awards. Individual medals will be awarded to the U11 and older age bracket/age bracket division winner and runner-up at the conclusion of the tournament at headquarters. Tournament play for U10 and younger is non-results oriented. There are no individual or team medals for U10 and younger age brackets. No standings will be determined and all U10 and younger participants will receive a participation award.
  2. Teams will occupy the sideline opposite the spectators unless superseded by specific instructions of the Tournament Committee. Spectators must stand behind the spectator line if drawn, or approximately 1 yards behind the sideline. Coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their sideline.
  3. There will be no protests. All decisions of the referee and Tournament Committee are final.
  4. Games will begin at scheduled times and the referees will start the game clock at such time. It is the coaches responsibility to have their teams ready to play at the scheduled game times. NO additional time will be added to the game clock for the teams not ready to start play at the scheduled start times. The games will be played “rain or shine” unless the Tournament Committee has suspended play. In the event of adverse weather conditions or field conditions that pose a risk to the health or safety of the players, the Tournament Committee will have the authority to change the games as follows:

    1. Relocate and/or reschedule any game.
    2. Change duration of any game.
    3. Cancel any game.
    4. Games terminated after the first half will be considered official and the existing score will be unchanged and points awarded accordingly.
    5. Games terminated during the first half will be considered a tie, regardless of existing score. One point will be awarded to each team.
    6. In the event of conditions adverse enough to force complete cancellation of any game in the semi-final or final round, the runner-up and/or cham- pion will be determined using the standard and scoring system outlined in 18. Where semi-final and final games must be terminated early, rules 8D and 8E shall apply, with any tie to be broken using the scoring system outlined in 18.
    7. Cancellation of games or the entire tournament because of inclement weather and/or unsafe playing conditions shall be the decision of the Tour- nament Committee. No protests of their decision will be allowed.
    8. In the event that the entire tournament is cancelled, 80% of a team’s entry fee shall be refunded. The reason for cancellation might include weather, field usage or sponsoring organization management decision. If the tournament is postponed/rescheduled, a new permission to host agreement will be submitted to NJYS and all teams that applied to the original date will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the revised date of the tournament with a full refund of their entry fees. 
  5. Substitutions. Unlimited substitutions may be made with the permission of the referee at the following times: 
    1. After any goal. 
    2. At throw-ins in your favor. 
    3. At any goal kick. 

At the time of substitution, players will enter and exit the field of play at the halfway line. A substitution may be made with the permission of the referee for a player receiving a yellow card. In case of injury, one for one substitution by both teams is allowed if the injured player is replaced. Coaching on the field during injury time-out is prohibited.

  1. A minimum of number players is necessary to start each game (Full Side 7; Short Side 5). If needed, teams will be given a grace period of 5 minutes from the scheduled start time in order to field their players. However, the game will end as originally scheduled 

  2. Player/Coach Conduct. Players and coaches are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law. Any player or coach who receives a red card or two yellow cards in a single game or one yellow card in each of two consecutive games will be ineligible for the next scheduled game. Referees will report the infraction to the referee assignor and the Tournament Director.
  3. Equipment. All players must wear shoes and shin guards that meet FIFA specifications during all games. All team members shall be required to wear acceptable and identical uniforms. In addition, all players shall wear jerseys, shorts, and socks, except for the goalkeeper, who shall wear a different color jersey that shall be distinguishable from the opponents and the referee. Each team shall bring 2 sets of team jerseys. When team colors conflict, the HOME team will wear the ‘Darker’ color team jersey. Players must have legible numbers on the back of their jerseys. Each player must have a different number that must match the roster. 
  4. The home team will supply the game ball and select the goal they wish to defend.
  5. Each team will be scheduled for 4 games.
  6. Exchange of patches or pins is strongly encouraged.
  7. It is required that you have properly signed and notarized medical release forms for each player.  All teams must have insurance certificates. Properly stamped New Jersey Youth Soccer Association rosters will serve as proof of insurance for New Jersey teams. While participating in this tournament, all players, coaches and team officials must be insured by their own club.
  8. Out-of-state teams must have authorized travel permits with them, per the requirements of their association.
  9. Scoring System. Teams will be awarded points on the following basis: 
    1. Three points for a win 
    2. One point for a tie 
    3. Zero points for a loss 

At the end of the tournament, the flight winner shall be the team with the most points in their flight. In the event of a tie, the following criteria shall be used to determine the winner: 

  1. Head-to-head results. If three or more teams are tied, proceed to the next criterion.
  2. Most wins. 
  3. Goal differential - maximum 3 points per game to winner (no negative points) 
  4. Fewest goals allowed.
  5. Most shut-outs 
  6. Penalty kick contest, if possible. If not a coin toss will be performed.

Penalty kick contest rules: The Tournament Director or Site Coordinator shall set the time and place for the penalty contests. Any team more than ten minutes late for such contest without prior permission from the Tournament Director shall be declared loser of the contest. Prior to the start of the penalty kick contest, coaches shall choose 11 players, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper. Five players (one of which may be the goalkeeper) shall be chosen to take kicks as described in (c) below. The remaining six players shall take kicks, if necessary, as described in (e), below. No additional players shall be considered kick eligible to kick. 

  1. Referee will choose the goal at which all kicks will be taken. 
  2. Winner of coin toss will choose whether they want to kick first or second. The away team receives the honor to call their preference before the coin toss. 
  3. Each team shall take five kicks, alternating teams between each kick. Each kick shall be taken by a different player. 
  4. If one team has scored more goals after both teams have taken five kicks, that team will be declared the winner. 
  5. If both teams have scored the same number of goals after both teams have taken five kicks, the taking of kicks shall continue until both teams have taken an equal number of kicks and one has scored one more goal than the other. 
  6. Not until all eleven eligible players have kicked may a player of the same team take a second kick. 


  1. Forfeits 
    1. Ten (10) minutes prior the the start of each scheduled game, each team must be present at the field. A team that fails to report within ten minutes after a scheduled kick off will forfeit the game. 
    2. Team forfeiting a game(s) cannot play in a final match. 
    3. A forfeit will yield a score of 3-0 for game point consideration.
  2. Alcohol consumption is prohibited.
  3. The Tournament Committee will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part for any reason. The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of the rules shall be final.
  4. Referees. One USSF certified referee will work each preliminary game in the U8-U11 divisions. If available, three USSF referees will work each game in divisions U12-U18, as well as any championship games in full-sided divisions. When a single referee is assigned to a game, each team will be responsible for assigning adult linesmen. The linesman is considered a “game official” and may not engage in any coaching whatsoever from the sideline, and shall be neutral. If a referee does not arrive by scheduled start, the coaches for each team shall agree upon a volunteer referee who shall referee the game until an official referee arrives. When an official arrives, he or she shall assume responsibilities at the next stoppage of play. If either linesman fails to arrive for the start of a game using a three-referee system, each team will designate a club linesman. 
  5. At the conclusion of each game, the Referee will sign the game report and forward the official game report to the Field Supervisor. The report includes the score, and the name, number and circumstances of any player, coach, or other individual who has received a red or yellow card. Each team’s Coach or Manager must sign the game report. If a coach or manager refuses to sign, the Field Supervisor shall note the reasons for the refusal. In case of discrepancies, signed game reports shall prevail


A complete copy of the rules will be available at the tournament in our ad book.